Studies show that as we age, we often reduce our exercise routine.  There is now a view that we have this process backward.  Seniors should exercise more after 60 verses less.

It may be that we need more exercise after 60 rather than less.  Our regular activities after that age tend to slow down.  Our bones become thinner and, therefore, more susceptible to fracture.  We begin to have problems with balance and flexibility, which can cause falls.  Cardio exercise makes your health stronger as you age.  Even working out after surgery may improve both your healing ability, energy, and morale.

Everyone should get their doctors’ advice.  Nevertheless, becoming the proverbial couch potato is seldom a good idea.  Make a plan and follow it. 

We have an arrangement with The Art of Fitness (TAOF), a private, secure, membership gym. Their regular monthly dues are $125, which includes access to individual classes and the use of all equipment. Clients of The Wellness Center for Healthy Living can join TAOF for $100 per month. In addition, these clients will be given 3 free V-Max sessions (monthly value of $45).  These sessions are on a non-cumulative basis.

The Wellness Center for Healthy Living is also located within the TAOF facility.