Laser Lipo Lose Weight and Inches Easily

Overview: Laser Lipo and Whole-Body Vibrations to Easily Lose Weight and Inches


The Laser Lipo  Lose Weight therapy will help you to lose weight and take-off inches easily (with the help of the Whole Body Vibrations).

Initially, the Laser Lipo therapy reduces the size of the fat cells and allows for faster burning of the released fat. This is a non-invasive, pain-free, zero recovery, and slimming treatment.

Then the warm LED lights break down fatty deposits in the treatment areas.  Finally, the whole-body vibration sessions assist the body’s natural fat-disposal process by increasing the body’s metabolism.

Here is a 1.5 minute video which describes in greater the process (includes information on cellulite:


The Laser Lipo LED light helps sculpt the body and target specific areas to break down stubborn fatty deposits. Millions of fat cells are stimulated to liquefy and expel fat through a temporary pore resulting in smaller cells and inches taken off the target area be it the midsection, arms, back, buttocks or thighs.  You have 48 hours to burn this released fat, otherwise, your body will simply reabsorb the released fat.

Clinical studies have shown that the lymphatic system absorbs the fat. This process is painless and takes approximately 15 minutes.

This laser treatment is followed by a 10-minute whole-body vibration session to activate the metabolism and flush fat from the body. Ten minutes on the vibration plate is more effective than an hour-long workout.  The goal is to burn off an initial 300+ calories while still at the center.

Astronauts, professional sports teams, universities, fitness clubs, weight-loss clinics and healthcare practitioners use the whole-body vibration plate to stimulate the lymphatic system.  We also use the plates to stimulate your abdominal systems.

Results for this treatment vary, although some patients lose up to 1 to 2 inches on their first session. A single treatment can burn off between 400-800 calories with some tests showing more calories burned. Best results occur with a package which includes multiple visits. A commitment to a healthy diet and exercise throughout the treatment period will enhance your results.

The advantages of this therapy includes no pain, no risk of infection, no anesthesia, no scaring and instant results compared to the 16 weeks of recovery typically needed for liposuction.

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