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The future of pain relief, now.

If you’ve ever experienced chronic or intense pain in your life, you know how discouraging it feels. Pain is debilitating. It saps our physical stamina and enthusiasm, and robs us of our quality of life. Pain has created a multi-billion dollar business through manufacturing and sale of over-the-counter and prescription pain relievers.

Pain relief for the 21st Century

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) is a completely safe, non-invasive pain relief system that has absolutely no side effects. It works to relieve pain by producing a magnetic field that is 10,000 times more powerful than a standard magnet.

Research has shown that PEMF Therapy can result in Neurological, Physiological and Psychological benefits. By inducing electrical charges within cells, PEMF restores the painful area to its normal healthy state.

  • Cellular metabolism is boosted
  • Blood cells are regenerated
  • Circulation is improved
  • Oxygen carrying capacity is increased

The results are less pain, reduced swelling and inflammation, and increased range of motion. more >

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A History of Healing

Used in Europe for over 20 years and over 400,000 sessions

Approved by the FDA to promote healing on non-healing bone unions, PEMF can speed up healing of traumatized tissue, reduce sports injuries such as torn muscles and ligaments, and help prevent the onset of related chronic conditions.


What They Say

Alwyn E.

From Honolulu, HI

" My working on the Vmax machine has really helped me to be a bit more centered in my balance, the vibration has helped my feeling on my right side in that, I feel my right foot more then I did, I can step with more confidence!



What They Say

Raina N.

From California, USA
“It was an unexpected, incredible experience with EVOX! My Auntie suggested I attend a session with Marsha due to some emotional heartache I was dealing with regarding my Grandmother’s failing health. I openly went not even knowing what to expect or what this was all about.

During the session, the EVOX therapy helped me deal with the emotions I was feeling about the possibility of losing my Grandmother, the most important person in my life. Throughout the process, it also opened up new areas where I’ve locked away some difficult memories and feelings from my past. Through that, I was able to make a lot of connections from my childhood to present day; allowing me to move forward with things I was struggling with. Although it was unexpected, I experienced a lot of healing and forgiveness, leaving me with less worry and more peace.

I’m thankful for Marsha and the way she lead the EVOX session. I felt comfortable enough to be honest and vulnerable with how I was feeling. I would definitely go back again when I’m back in town! I currently live on the mainland. Who knows what else is tucked away that needs to be dealt with...”


Maryanne I.

From Kaneohe, HI

"My first experience with EVOX at the Wellness Center was about 7 years ago. I'm generally not an overly emotional person but I was extremely upset at the fact that our vet had not picked up on several issues related to two of our cats which eventually led to their deaths. I was amazed that the biofeed back process in EVOX cleared that upset immediately and I could just be happy with the new veterinary clinic that I found to help me with the care of my cats and not have the anger fester or paralyze me from dealing with the issues I needed to. Last year, I had two issues of great concern to me so I returned to the Center for two more EVOX sessions. Again, these matters that were weighing on me cleared up within minutes and I could press on to deal with things I needed to handle. I am amazed and thrilled that this option is available for instant and deep resolution of significant upset situations.

Marsha S.

From Honolulu, HI

"I have completed many Evox sessions and am always amazed at how effortless the process is for me. I have pushed through a number of huge blocks around weight-loss, anger, taking on too much responsibility for others, procrastination, failure to focus, fear of failure, fear of success, improving my singing voice, etc. Evox just added another layer by allowing me to scan and look for an area to work on. I have not tried it yet, but do plan to once I get the time.

Sondra L.

From Honolulu, HI

"The Infrared Sauna at The Wellness Center for Healthy Living is the best one that I have found! I have tried others and feel like i am suffocating from the ambient very hot air. This one heats the body not the "room" to hot-hot so that breathing is very easy. After my session in the sauna, I feel like I have had an internal bath/cleansing. I body feels refreshed, lighter and stronger. If I am not feeling well or detoxing, this greatly assists, noticeably. My wellbeing is rejuvenated!"

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