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The Wellness Center For Healthy Living, Inc. offers cutting edge and innovative health services. The services support your journey to optimal health. We respond to your needs.  We encourage you to ask this question:

“How healthy do you want to be?”


Our Wellness Center is operated based on a series of core beliefs.  They include:

  • Everyone should take charge of their own health – waiting until new symptoms show that you have developed heart disease is not the way to go
  • Everyone should know as much as possible about what their individual health issues are
  • Based on that self-knowledge, we should take action – what current actions that I do should I stop and what am I not doing that I should start
  • We believe that the body is capable of healing itself – we provide you with the help necessary your body’s healing process and not to hinder the process
  • We provide support to your medical doctors and others in your effort to take charge of your health.  The time to begin is NOW – think about what undiscovered health issues can cause
  • Our question is always – How Can We Help You?

Meet Marsha

Meet Marsha

After a serious accident in 1992, Marsha found herself faced with overwhelming health challenges – forcing her into early retirement from her CPA firm that provided tax services and consulting to small businesses and their owners.

She spent the next 15 years involved in intensive rehabilitation activities designed to recover as much of her cognitive abilities as possible. “I never knew I was smart until one day I woke up stupid.” Despite this medical treatment program, she developed several degenerative diseases which dramatically reduced her quality of life and her longevity outlook.

“At one stage I was swallowing seven prescription drugs every day! Yet I was determined to not give in to my rapidly declining health, and began searching for alternative solutions.”

As a result of her exhaustive research, she began experimenting with cutting edge products and treatments that over time have assisted her in regaining a quality of health that she worried might not ever be achieved.

She lost 70 pounds using her diet and selected fasting regimens:

  • She reversed her diabetes and was able to stop all diabetes medication
  • She no longer needs her high cholesterol and high blood pressure medications
  • She has taken no other prescriptions drugs for the last seven years

“As I continue to seek out new ways to help me regain optimum health and peace of mind, I have acquired a broad base of knowledge that goes well beyond assisting only me. I began to realize that I could help others in both understanding their particular problems and in developing a program to improve their quality of life.”

Therefore, in 2012 Marsha decided to create a wellness center which would allow her to share all that she had learned. Every service provided at the wellness center has been used and vetted personally by Marsha – otherwise she feels she truly could not, in good conscious, offer them.  She established The Wellness Center For Healthy Living, Inc. in 2018 to continue her services.

“As determined as I was to not succumb to my declining health, I am as equally determined to assist my clients in overcoming their health challenges, be they large or small. Championing my client’s health and quality of life is my passion and joy.”

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Take Control Of Your Health Today

Come On In

Take Control Of Your Health Today