Diet Plans


We all know that being overweight negatively affects our physical and mental well-being, both on a short-term and long-term basis. Most people agree that all diets work- until they don’t.  Recent research supports the idea that the answer is NO dieting, but rather making eating and lifestyle changes that will last for the rest of your life.

We can help!

The Wellness Center Hawaii offers you a highly effective diet plans. Both include personal monitoring of results and individual counseling during the process with the goal of changing your life style making it possible to keep the weight off.  The Plan involves paying some attention to your caloric needs, choosing foods to live with and using intermittent fasting on a daily basis.


An effective plan for busy lifestyles that allows you to eat whatever you want within the caloric guidelines. This plan includes:

      • Resting metabolic analysis to determine the optimal daily caloric intake needed to achieve your weight loss goals
      • Assistance organizing your daily eating schedule to incorporate a simple meal skipping plan – Intermittent Fasting Technique
      • Caloric Tracking via phone app or internet website
      • Weekly weight measurement and consultations
      • Use of our various equipment to facilitate weight-loss – LED Laser lites, vibration platforms, and our infrared sauna

MetaCheck Metabolic Analyzer

The MetaCheck Metabolic Breath Analyzer measures your energy expenditure and metabolic rate.
These measurements help us accurately calculate the maximum caloric intake you require and still achieve your weight loss goals. It removes the guesswork, eliminates reliance on national averages, and instead creates a diet personalized to fit YOUR lifestyle.

Diet Plans - Price List
1 Session
1 Laser Lipo + 2 V-Max
3 Sessions
3 Laser Lipo + 6 V-Max
6 Sessions
6 Laser Lipo + 12 V-Max
9 Sessions
9 Laser Lipo + 18 V-Max
12 Sessions
12 Laser Lipo + 24 V-Max
1 Session
1 Laser Lipo + 2 V-Max + 1 Infrared Sauna
3 Sessions
3 Laser Lipo + 6 V-Max + 3 Infrared Sauna
6 Sessions
6 Laser Lipo + 12 V-Max + 6 Infrared Sauna
9 Sessions
9 Laser Lipo + 18 V-Max + 9 Infrared Sauna
12 Sessions
12 Laser Lipo + 24 V-Max + 12 Infrared Sauna
1 Session - 10 Minutes
$1.50 per minute
10 Sessions - 100 Minutes
1.00 per Minute
1 Metabolic Breathing Test


What They Say

Diet Plans Testimonials


from Kaneohe, HI

…Marsha is so sweet & knowledgeable. She truly cares about your well being! I seen a very slight difference in the laser lipo that I did. Diet and exercise of course aids in your outcome. The vibration session is great as well to end everything! Will probably go back and get 6 or more sessions!


from Honolulu, HI

Got some great ideas for eating properly and enjoyed the equipment.

Cari S.

from Honolulu, HI

I parked at Times for convenience, then just walked over to their building next door. Marsha is great! Very responsive to texts, knowledgeable & sweet. The paddles heat up to a relaxing warmth, but not too hot. Then it’s on to the neat jirating machine. I got the 6 session pack & already lost 2lbs. and 4” off my waistline after just one appt! Can’t wait to see the end result after all 6 appts.

Elizabeth B.

from Honolulu, HI

I fell in love with Marsha; however, I was a little uncomfortable going into her residence! I would love to continue treatments, in the future, when she opens up her professional health spa!


from Honolulu, HI

Business is easy to find, ample parking. Staff are very welcoming and personable.


from Honolulu, HI

Calm atmosphere, took great care of me and super informative.

Daniel J.

from Honolulu, HI

Marsha has truly had an impact and changed my life. I was in a bad place and slowly headed in a new direction. I did dieting and exercise to improve my lifestyle, but just some stubborn fat was around I couldn’t get rid of… that’s when I met Marsha. She has this calmness and caring sense about her. I walked in and she greeted me kindly. She did not make me feel less than or ashamed of my body, but helped me empower and instill a new healthy way of living. I say yes, I went for the laser and it was really a game changer; but it was Marsha who gave me the necessary push to move into eating style changes. She’s not just a woman who pushed a button on a marching, she is there to listen, give great advice and tip to help you better your life. I am truly changed. I will be back in about a month (I said a six week break to see the full change) then go back and maybe look into other things that can help. With calm in her voice, she gave me great knowledge about building self-esteem and I still have not had dairy in about a month. Our last session, I slowly opened up about my lifestyle and just received truthful answers about caffeine, salt sugar and alcohol consumptions. She is so much more, she is just… beyond. Oh yeah, lost about 6-8 inches and 8 lbs… I’m still keeping up the daily workout, lean red meat and overall better lifestyle.