The Wellness Center for Healthy Living - Price List
1 Session
1 Laser Lipo + 2 V-Max
3 Sessions
3 Laser Lipo + 6 V-Max
6 Sessions
6 Laser Lipo + 12 V-Max
9 Sessions
9 Laser Lipo + 18 V-Max
12 Sessions
12 Laser Lipo + 24 V-Max
1 Session
1 Laser Lipo + 2 V-Max + 1 Infrared Sauna
3 Sessions
3 Laser Lipo + 6 V-Max + 3 Infrared Sauna
6 Sessions
6 Laser Lipo + 12 V-Max + 6 Infrared Sauna
9 Sessions
9 Laser Lipo + 18 V-Max + 9 Infrared Sauna
12 Sessions
12 Laser Lipo + 24 V-Max + 12 Infrared Sauna
1 HBOT Hour
$150 Per Hour
10 HBOT Hours
$130 Per Hour
20 HBOT Hours
$120 Per Hour
30 HBOT Hours
$110 Per Hour
40 HBOT Hours
$100 Per Hour
PEMF 1 Session
9 Minutes
PEMF 3 Sessions
27 Minutes
PEMF 30 Sessions
270 Minutes
1 Synchronicity Hour
$25 Per Hour
10 Synchronicity Hours
$20 Per Hour
50 Synchronicity Hours
$15 Per Hour
100 Synchronicity Hours
$10 Per Hour
1 De-Stressor Scan
approximately one hour
10 De-Stressor Scans
1 60-minute Beam Ray Session
10 60-minute Beam Ray Sessions
1 add-on 60-minute session
Sync Hours Available
1 90-minute Beam Ray Session
10 90-minute Beam Ray Sessions
1 add-on 90-minute session
Sync Hours Available
1 Single Infrared Sauna Session
Detox, Cardio, Pain, Weight Loss, Anti-Aging or Relaxation
10 Single Infrared Sauna Sessions
Detox, Cardio, Pain, Weight Loss, Anti-Aging or Relaxation
1 Couple Infrared Sauna Session
Detox, Cardio, Pain, Weight Loss, Anti-Aging or Relaxation
10 Couple Infrared Sauna Sessions
Detox, Cardio, Pain, Weight Loss, Anti-Aging or Relaxation
1 Session - 10 Minutes
$1.50 per minute
10 Sessions - 100 Minutes
1.00 per Minute
Elite Stressor and Balancer Biosurvey Scan
about a 90 minute scan to look at all stressors
Balancer Biosurvey Scan
about a 60 minute scan to look at the stressors in 4 areas
Microbiome Biosurvey Scan
about a 30 minute scan to check the health of your microbiome
Hydration Biosurvey
determine your hydration levels
Health Services Scan
determine your current health modalities preferences
1 Oxygen Karaoke hour
$10 per hour
40 Oxygen Karaoke hours
$8 per hour
10 Oxygen Karaoke Hours
$9 Per hour
100 Oxygen Karaoke Hours
$7 per hour
1 Metabolic Breathing Test
Full Monthly Gym Membership
all gym equipment and classes


What They Say

Alwyn E.

from Honolulu, HI

My working on the V-max machine has really helped me to be a bit more centered in my balance, the vibration has helped my feeling on my right side in that, I feel my right foot more then I did, I can step with more confidence!

Concerning the Evox, it’s really helped me to focus more on the things I need to be thinking about, after I’ve done each session, I feel like it’s so on my mind and things are so clear that I’ve actually started to have more confidence about getting back to work, it’s been 10 years this year that I’ve been on disability and thinking and talking about it, getting it impressed in my mind to move on to progression, I just want to go! Thank you so much Marsha!!!”

Raina N.

from California, USA

It was an unexpected, incredible experience with EVOX! My Auntie suggested I attend a session with Marsha due to some emotional heartache I was dealing with regarding my Grandmother’s failing health. I openly went not even knowing what to expect or what this was all about.

During the session, the EVOX therapy helped me deal with the emotions I was feeling about the possibility of losing my Grandmother, the most important person in my life. Throughout the process, it also opened up new areas where I’ve locked away some difficult memories and feelings from my past. Through that, I was able to make a lot of connections from my childhood to present day; allowing me to move forward with things I was struggling with. Although it was unexpected, I experienced a lot of healing and forgiveness, leaving me with less worry and more peace.

“I’m thankful for Marsha and the way she lead the EVOX session. I felt comfortable enough to be honest and vulnerable with how I was feeling. I would definitely go back again when I’m back in town! I currently live on the mainland. Who knows what else is tucked away that needs to be dealt with…”


from Honolulu, HI

Everytime I spend time in the Sync Room I leave feeling like I am in a special groove where life flows naturally and effortlessly


from Honolulu, HI

…You did wonders for my knee! Saved me from surgery! Thank you Marsha.

Maryanne I.

from Kaneohe, HI

My first experience with EVOX at the Wellness Center was about 7 years ago. I’m generally not an overly emotional person but I was extremely upset at the fact that our vet had not picked up on several issues related to two of our cats which eventually led to their deaths. I was amazed that the biofeed back process in EVOX cleared that upset immediately and I could just be happy with the new veterinary clinic that I found to help me with the care of my cats and not have the anger fester or paralyze me from dealing with the issues I needed to. Last year, I had two issues of great concern to me so I returned to the Center for two more EVOX sessions. Again, these matters that were weighing on me cleared up within minutes and I could press on to deal with things I needed to handle. I am amazed and thrilled that this option is available for instant and deep resolution of significant upset situations.


from Kaneohe, HI

…Marsha is so sweet & knowledgeable. She truly cares about your well being! I seen a very slight difference in the laser lipo that I did. Diet and exercise of course aids in your outcome. The vibration session is great as well to end everything! Will probably go back and get 6 or more sessions!


from Honolulu, HI

Best 4 nights of sleep in the last decade (after sitting in the Sync Room)


from Honolulu, HI

Got some great ideas for eating properly and enjoyed the equipment.


from Honolulu, HI

I had a hard cyst on the back of my neck for the past 12 years. They wanted to operate to remove the cyst, but I resisted. After two times in the Sync Room, the cyst dissolved and disappeared without a trace.

Sondra L.

from Honolulu, HI

The Infrared Sauna at The Wellness Center for Healthy Living is the best one that I have found! I have tried others and feel like i am suffocating from the ambient very hot air. This one heats the body not the “room” to hot-hot so that breathing is very easy. After my session in the sauna, I feel like I have had an internal bath/cleansing. I body feels refreshed, lighter and stronger. If I am not feeling well or detoxing, this greatly assists, noticeably. My wellbeing is rejuvenated!


from Honolulu, HI

It felt really good


from Honolulu, HI

My blood pressure has decreased to normal ranges.

Cari S.

from Honolulu, HI

I parked at Times for convenience, then just walked over to their building next door. Marsha is great! Very responsive to texts, knowledgeable & sweet. The paddles heat up to a relaxing warmth, but not too hot. Then it’s on to the neat jirating machine. I got the 6 session pack & already lost 2lbs. and 4” off my waistline after just one appt! Can’t wait to see the end result after all 6 appts.


from Honolulu, HI

I felt so good when leaving the center. We could not tell if it was the infrared sauna or the Sync Room or both.

May S.

from Honolulu, HI

The treatment didn’t work for me which was expected. Even though, canceling by Masha ( sorry, if I spelled wrong) was more than enough worth for money. Recommend to talk to her, even the actual treatment doesn’t work for you.

Gary Mizuuchi

from Honolulu, HI

I’ve had a bad back and always have problems flying.  Normally, I spent most of the flight standing in the back of the plane because of my back pain when seated.  Because of the time in the Sync Room, I was able to sit during the entire flight when I traveled to the West Coast recently (round trip).

Elizabeth B.

from Honolulu, HI

I fell in love with Marsha; however, I was a little uncomfortable going into her residence! I would love to continue treatments, in the future, when she opens up her professional health spa!

Kathy Siramizu

from Honolulu, HI

My Doctor had given me a prescription for cholesterol medicine.  I was not taking it.  After sitting in the sync room several times, I had a follow up visit with the Dr.  He retested my cholesterol and it was fine and said that I no longer needed the medicine.  It was a good thing I had not been taking it….I did not need it after being in the sync room!


from Honolulu, HI

Business is easy to find, ample parking. Staff are very welcoming and personable.


from Honolulu, HI

Calm atmosphere, took great care of me and super informative.

Sachi R.

from Honolulu, HI

Wow! I don’t have pain per se but wake up stiff every morning and that joint stiffness lasts at least an hour. The morning after my first Avacen session my entire body and my joints in particular felt fantastic! Two Thumbs Way Up on this cutting edge technology.

Nick M.

from Honolulu, HI

Professional and truly care about people! The in depth questions and multiple ways of understanding the body was the basis to the treatment.

Daniel J.

from Honolulu, HI

Marsha has truly had an impact and changed my life. I was in a bad place and slowly headed in a new direction. I did dieting and exercise to improve my lifestyle, but just some stubborn fat was around I couldn’t get rid of… that’s when I met Marsha. She has this calmness and caring sense about her. I walked in and she greeted me kindly. She did not make me feel less than or ashamed of my body, but helped me empower and instill a new healthy way of living. I say yes, I went for the laser and it was really a game changer; but it was Marsha who gave me the necessary push to move into eating style changes. She’s not just a woman who pushed a button on a marching, she is there to listen, give great advice and tip to help you better your life. I am truly changed. I will be back in about a month (I said a six week break to see the full change) then go back and maybe look into other things that can help. With calm in her voice, she gave me great knowledge about building self-esteem and I still have not had dairy in about a month. Our last session, I slowly opened up about my lifestyle and just received truthful answers about caffeine, salt sugar and alcohol consumptions. She is so much more, she is just… beyond. Oh yeah, lost about 6-8 inches and 8 lbs… I’m still keeping up the daily workout, lean red meat and overall better lifestyle.

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