Quantum Infinity Scans


Balancing & energizing the body using light, color, sound, magnetic energies & energetic homeopathic remedies.

Restore balance to all of your body systems through the strongest modality on offer at the Wellness Center Hawaii. The Quantum Infinity scan uses a three step process to balance out chakras. Additionally, clients leave with a personalized homeopathic remedy to extend the session’s benefits.

Utilizing voiceprint and photo, this system finds you in space and time and analyzes stressors affecting your wellbeing.

We work to return balance to your body through audible sound tones and electromagnetic frequencies.

We compare the success of the balancing process in intervals.  This maximizes the success of the balancing process.

By using audible sounds and electromagnetic frequencies to counter stressors in your life, you can eliminate physical pain in joints, muscles, tendons, relieve carpal tunnel, arthritis, headaches, migraines, cramps, and eliminate urinary tract infection, back pain and injuries, toothaches.