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How is your health?  Do you know the specific health issues that affect you?  If not, why not?

We provide various scanning equipment to provide various Health Assessments Scans.  One scan shows information and imagery about your body.  You must often learn what your problems are before you know what actions to take.  We believe this scan gives us first-hand information of areas of weakness in your body and lets us know what areas to reinforce for your health.

Some clients merely order specific services to improve a known need.  Some start with our Assessment Scans.  We can assist you with these choices.

We all the excuses of not making your health one of your major priorities.  That is probably why America spends twice as much as any other country on health, but results in small comparable benefit.  Call us, we are here to help.

We also provide services to assist your body to heal itself.  Detailed information on these services follows.

Synchronicity Wave Room

The waves create a healing environment by converting electrical energy into a flowing pattern of Chi Energies providing balance, energizing your body for healing and promoting longevity. The waves encompass our entire center in a low EMF (electro-magnetic-frequency) environment increasing the effect of our other technologies.

Pain Treatments

Pain-free, safe frequencies flow deep through your tissues to penetrate you at a cellular level, improving blood supply, increasing oxygen pressure, activating and regenerating cellular balance, providing pain relief, reducing inflammation and accelerating nerve regeneration to speed up healing. This technology is FDA approved for bone regeneration.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Allows more oxygen to permeate your tissues, providing many therapeutic health benefits, and reaching areas of the body that may be oxygen deprived.

Weight & Inch Loss System

We have created a 4-service Package which we believe will maximize your wight and inch loss results.

LED Laser Lipo

A non-invasive pain free, zero recovery, and slimming treatment. The warm LED lights break down fat deposits in the treatment areas. Whole body vibration sessions assist the body’s natural fat-disposal process by increasing metabolism.

Powerful Whole Body Vibration

Initially developed to help astronauts exercise, Whole Body Vibration (WBV) technology uses a vibration plate to cause muscle contractions which, in turn, increase muscle tone.

Infrared Sauna

Heating your body from the inside out, making your organs sweat out the impurities necessary to cleanse at the cellular level. Detoxification, weight loss, pain relief, stress-reduction, heart health, skin rejuvenation, cell health/immunity and wound healing are just some of the health benefits provided by our state of the art infrared sauna.

Beam Ray

Using feedback obtained by all of our scans, we program the Beam Ray with various known frequencies to target your particular stressors, restoring physical, mental and emotional balance, reducing pain attributed to many diseases and killing harmful micro-organisms.

Stressor Scans

Detects the stressors causing imbalances within your body. The results provide us with precise information for accurately calibrating our other cutting edge technologies.

Voice De-stressor Scans

Utilizing your voice to detect emotional patterns that don’t serve you, exploring areas of concern and the stress they create in your life, changing perceptions allowing for healthy change to take place within your daily thoughts, emotions, and actions.

Quantum Infinity Scan

Balancing and Energizing the body to create a healing environment by restoring balance to all your body systems. This modality uses light, color, sounds, magnetic energies and homeopathic remedies specially designed for you.

Diet Plans

Lifestyle Plan is a diet built to last for the rest of your life. It is based on your individual metabolic rate analysis, caloric tracking and weekly visits.

Metabolic Testing

Metabolic testing shows you how much or how little you need to eat to maintain the weight you’re aiming for.

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