Military Weight & Fitness Standards and Tape Test HELP

We have designed a specific program to assist our various branches of the military in dealing with these standards. We are aware that the consequences of exceeding these standards are severe.  We have combined our most successful weight and inch loss services to assist in this process.

Most military services use an original assessment of height, weight and BMI. Failure results in taping the neck and waist, and for women, the hips.  We can help you before you exceed these standards.  We can also help if you are now subject to the Tape Test rules.

Again, we have designed this package that deals with weight loss plus a program that can affect the belly, waist, thighs, glutes and other area measurements.

Please call us at 808-258-1901. We can help!

Members of our armed forces can receive as much as 73% off select services! *

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