Synchronicity Wave Room


The Synchronicity Wave System is designed to affect you at a cellular level.  Each cell is stimulated to produce more mitochondria ATP which allows to the body to use that extra energy to heal itself.  The core of our program is our Synchronicity Wave Room.

Any sufficiently advanced Technology is indistinguishable from Magic . . .
-Arthur C. Clark

What if just by walking into a room you could uplift your consciousness in such a way that it could have a positive, healing effect on your life. Of course this wouldn’t be any ordinary room. It would contain a highly refined energy field similar to the Chi found in the ancient spiritual tradition of Tao. Modern researchers call this phenomenon Synchronistic Energy.

Transforming futuristic dreams into reality.
Renowned psychologist Dr. Carl Jung studied synchronistic energy extensively and recognized it as the basis for the 5000 year-old practice of Oriental Medicine. Also called Life Force Energy used by advanced Martial Arts and Yoga Masters who are able to project this energy outside of their bodies through walls and other impermeable objects.

Synchronistic Energy is harnessed by acupuncturists to heal, and by the ancient system of I-Ching to detect important synchronistic patterns. These patterns of energy are inherent in what physicists refer to as Chaos Theory and Fractal Mathematics.


Using these concepts from modern physics as well as mysticism, music, meditation and chanting, the SyncWave System employs Synchronicity Engine technology to create a remarkable system that converts electrical patterns into constantly evolving Chi energies that can mimic transcendental states of consciousness.


Participants have described sitting in a SyncWave System enhanced room as being surrounded by an Awareness or Presence. They are enveloped by a calm, serene feeling.

Synchronistic Energy is used in healing clinics throughout the country. Some of the Mind/Body Benefits observed include:

  • Promotes longevity and aids in slowing the aging process
  • Enhances whole mind/body purification/detox disciplines
  • Energizes the body and helps balance Life-Force energy flows
  • Increases alertness, learning and creative problem solving

All this while relaxing, reading or working comfortably in our quiet, healing environment.

Synchronicity Wave Room - Price List
1 Synchronicity Hour
$25 Per Hour
10 Synchronicity Hours
$20 Per Hour
50 Synchronicity Hours
$15 Per Hour
100 Synchronicity Hours
$10 Per Hour


What They Say

Synchronicity Testimonials


from Honolulu, HI

Everytime I spend time in the Sync Room I leave feeling like I am in a special groove where life flows naturally and effortlessly


from Honolulu, HI

Best 4 nights of sleep in the last decade (after sitting in the Sync Room)


from Honolulu, HI

I had a hard cyst on the back of my neck for the past 12 years. They wanted to operate to remove the cyst, but I resisted. After two times in the Sync Room, the cyst dissolved and disappeared without a trace.


from Honolulu, HI

My blood pressure has decreased to normal ranges.


from Honolulu, HI

I felt so good when leaving the center. We could not tell if it was the infrared sauna or the Sync Room or both.


from Honolulu, HI

Just walking into the Center makes one feel calm, relaxed and focused. Spending time in the Sync Room enhances one’s mood for the better, and ready to face the world. Thank You